The Reeder Difference

Longevity – We have been at this for 3 generations and will be doing this for at least 3 more generations. There is value in having the same team manage your asset over the lifetime that you own it.

Trust – Whether you are local or across the globe, you must trust who’s handling your asset. With over 150 owners trusting us with their investment, Reeder Companies prides itself on trust. Never will you have to question whether or not we are looking out for your best interest.

No Hidden Fee’s – Reeder Companies has just two fee’s. A percentage of the rent we collect, and a ½ months rent to lease a property. While many other management companies may entice you with a lower management fee, be careful of hidden fee structures that ultimately cost you more. Often called “Administrative” fees, you will be charged anything from $300 start up fee’s to $100 renewal fees to even tacking on 10% to any maintenance work orders bills.


Nothing drives us crazier than a lazy advertisement. We take pride in providing an informative ad for every available unit, with clear pictures and description that highlight the best features. We have a full time staff dedicated strictly to leasing, ensuring your property will have premium exposure to qualified renter’s.


Unlike many management companies out there, we do not upcharge or tack on fee’s for maintenance repairs. In addition, we only use contractors and servicemen who provide us with fast and excellent service at fair prices. Due to the volume of work we provide our vendors, they take very good care of our properties and make us a priority.
In the event that an emergency does happen, our answering system provides options for emergency contact of our property managers. That means that no matter what time of the day or night, our offices are working to protect the value of your investment. Being able to handle urgent or emergency situations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year will provide comfort to yourself and the tenants.


A member of Reeder Companies staff will meet you at your property to do a free, on site rental evaluation, providing you with an assessment of what you can expect in rent for your property. While viewing the property, we will happily provide suggestions about how you might improve the marketability of the property or increase its rental value. Our agents will also answer questions and address any concerns with you or your tenants so as to provide a smooth transition for the both of you.

If you already have a tenant living in your unit, our offices will do a walk-through to verify condition of the unit, look for lease violations and/or potential repairs.


Collection of rents, utilities and security deposits are only the beginning of the management services our company can provide.  Part of our management service includes paying recurring monthly bills like gas/electric, water, sewer, trash and lawn care if applicable.

Each month you’ll receive a statement showing income and expenses. Once a year you will receive a total of all detailed income and expenses and get a 1099 for tax purposes.


While we do our best to avoid this with quality screening, a small percentage of renter’s do fall behind. Typically on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, we will file for eviction on tenants that are still past due. We handle the filing of eviction and court appearances in-house, eliminating costly attorneys fee’s. This is important and beneficial as a large percentage of tenants we file for eviction on are able to get caught up by the court date, which includes them paying the court filing fee ($235). This is tough for them to do if filed with an attorney as expenses are much higher. So while we may have to file for eviction, this is often just a tool to let the tenant know we are serious while being able to avoid costly turnover. There in no additional cost to you as this is part of our management service.


– Pre-qualifying leads and scheduling appointments
– Processing applications with credit/background and employment verifications
– Executing Rental Agreements and move-in inspections.