new tenants
Please read Applicant’s FAQ prior to submitting your application.

What are the advantages to getting Pre-approved?

Most applicants don’t realize you can get pre-approved even prior to finding a property with us. We have a wide variety of properties constantly coming available, so there is a very good chance we will be able to find you a suitable home during the 60 days your pre-approval is good for. There are many advantages to getting pre-approved.

1. You have a better chance at getting a hot property by being a step ahead of others that haven’t submitted an application. The process of getting approved can take up to 5 days, and during that time of your application being processed, other applicants that are already approved could place a hold deposit. If you’re already approved, you have a much greater chance of getting your dream home.

2. We’ll contact you regarding properties that meet your wish list prior to listing them to the public. Often times we may get a 30 day notice to vacate from current resident, and before p

3. Most importantly, its good to know where you stand. Many applicants may have negative credit history and think they will be denied. This isn’t always the case, but we will likely set a higher deposit. In any case, it’s good to know ahead of time whether or not you’re approved, and if approved, what security deposit amount you’ll have.